Street Lights- Featuring Artists: Cam Decaussin and Spencer Simmons

BIG - Featuring artists: Clyde, Laura Spalding Best, Jessica Palomo, and Isaac Caruso

Eyes on Us - Featuring artists: Larry Madrigal, and Tyler Griese

Binary Passage - Featuring artists: Christine Cassano, and Rossitza Todorova

It's a Process - Group show featuring: Brett Eichmann, Chelsea Lyles, Brianna Voron, Miguel Cardona, and Nick Rascona

What's up World - Group Show with above works by Camila Galofre, David Warner, Jessica Palomo, Heather Freitas, Isadora Hale, Shachi Kale, Brett Eichmann, and Ione Lewis

Odd, Not Even - Group show with above works by: Brianna Voron, Laura Bynum, Isadora Hale, Heather Freitas, Rigo Flores, Stacy Marko, Sutton Demlong, Allie Giambalvo, Ione Lewis, Brett Eichmann, David Warner, Iran Nolasco, Sam Johnson, and Melissa D’Orazio

The Peace Show - Group show with above works by: Erik Karvonen, Ryan J Carey, Nick Rascona, Rigo Flores, Jaime Terrazino, Bobby Lee Krajnik, John Tuomisto-Bell, Spencer Simmons, Rigo Flores, Amanda Johnson, Conor Thompson, Brianna Voron, Janet Burruel, and Laura Bynum

Senses - Group show with above works by: Tal Dvir, Cory Slawson, Tania Bolin, Allie Giambalvo, Amanda Johnson, Anna Dufek, Ariana Enriquez, Ben Willis, Bill Anderson, Edward Dibbler, Jef Caine, Jenny Garena, Joe Dal-Pra, Laura Bynum, Melissa D’Orazio, and Penny Cagney